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  • Fedora 16 on TP X220

    Fedora 16 on TP X220

    I’ve recently bought a Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad X220 (Sandy Bridge i7) and installed Fedora 16 onto it. I’ve used an encrypted (LUKS) LVM containing my root, swap and data partitions which I’m very satisfied with. In this post, I’ll gather things that might be of your interest for this hardware-software configuration. [TOC]

  • Auto-Detecting AHCI PORT 0 Hang

    Auto-Detecting AHCI PORT 0 Hang

    During my latest experiments with LVM and LUKS in diverse combinations, I’ve encountered a very peculiar behaviour: after I’ve setup my MBR partition table and rebooted, the PC hung itself at POST, saying Auto-Detecting AHCI PORT 0, to which my SATA HDD was attached. The only way to pass POST turned out to be either…